I decided to create this site to explain the story behind why my friend started his own business, Crystal Clear Shine Power Washing and Window Cleaning.  Different people start their start-ups for different reasons. Money, success, or a community service are the more common reasons. I know my buddy Seth wanted to create a business that would allow him to provide for his family while still allowing him to be available for his family and friends. He was always quite the entrepreneur.  I think he has hit the jackpot with his window cleaning and pressure washing business in North Carolina.

Window Washing Wilmington NC

Every town has window washers. But it’s usually the case that only a handful of those companies will stand out above the rest in any particular town. They may not be the cheapest, but the overall community will recognize their name and trust their brand. This is normally due to the fact that their client-base is large and they are well reviewed. They have put the elbow grease into establishing a solid reputation for being a trustworthy company by putting in the hard work. If you are looking for window washing Wilmington NC, I can recommend my cousins company with flying colors. If you don’t already know who I’m referring to, you should check out the official Crystal Clear Shine website.

They even promise to clean up after themselves.

Power Washing Wilmington North Carolina

I asked my buddy why he expanded his window cleaning business to include power washing in Wilmington North Carolina. He said it was two reasons really. One, a good percentage of his window cleaning customers would call him after they had had their property power washed. Two, he started noticing that another larger percentage of his customers were calling him to clean their windows, but the rest of the exterior of their property needed some additional TLC.

He mentioned that once he started taking care of both sides to cleaning a property’s exterior he felt he was able to provide a more complete service to his customers.

Crystal Clear Shine

Seth has a great business model and a noticeably different impact on his customers. With over 60+ Google reviews and even more on Home Advisor, his Crystal Clear Shine customers are a testimony to how great a job he and his company have done in providing excellent service to his Wilmington neighbors.

Window cleaning and power washing are just their main two services they provide. If you need something else cleaned around the exterior of you home, they can probably clean that too.

I’m a bit bias in my recommendation, but if you visit their site and your not impressed, don’t call them!